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My work at Google

In this role, I have led 24 research studies end-to-end for the Fitbit team at Google. Each study includes framing and prioritizing research questions, moderating study sessions, analyzing and synthesizing data, presenting actionable insights and recommendations to stakeholders, and measuring the impact of the research conducted. 

In each study, I partner with cross-functional roles, including product designers, UX writers, engineers, product managers, and more. I've partnered closely with over 33 different stakeholders in my time at Fitbit so far. I work closely with stakeholders in each step of the study cycle, from study planning to discussing research insights.

I'm grateful for all I've learned in my time at Google.

I look forward to applying my skills and experience in the next step of my UXR journey.  

I find energy in and am motivated by opportunities to be a voice for users.

1 / Collaborating effectively with cross-functional partners

Working closely with 33+ stakeholders at Google Fitbit has allowed me to:

  • utilize flexibility in collaborating with individuals with different working styles 

  • learn to communicate my thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively

  • directly experience the value of being open-minded to different perspectives and views

  • apply conflict resolution skills

2 / Conducting high-quality research efficiently

Each study I run at Google Fitbit is completed end-to-end within 3 weeks. I've mastered:

  • working closely with stakeholders to ensure their goals and objectives are efficiently and thoroughly represented by the research questions for each study

  • analyzing large amounts of data efficiently and with a fast turnaround for session debrief meetings, study insight share-outs, and reports

  • clearly communicating my progress and any blockers to stakeholders, and asking others for feedback or assistance when needed

  • moderating study sessions efficiently so all high-priority topics are covered thoroughly in each user session

3 / Presenting impactful and actionable insights and recommendations

I've mastered transforming research findings into actionable insights or recommendations that provide clear directions or opportunities for product teams to consider. 

My research allows teams to feel confident about their product decisions and saves them time, energy, and money. 

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to share more, but I am currently unable to share the bulk of my work with you because it is confidential.

However, to learn more, please feel free to email me or find me on LinkedIn :)

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